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Experts in Experiential Learning and Change

Dramatic Diversity is a minority owned, for profit, theater-based diversity and inclusion consulting firm. Our company provides corporate training and diversity consultation to the Fortune 1,000, as well as Colleges and Universities. Dramatic Diversity has revolutionized the diversity training landscape and made corporate social responsibility a reality. With its multi-faceted product offerings and strategic approach to training, Dramatic Diversity has worked with leading firms in a variety of industries, including financial services, manufacturing, media/entertainment, and education. Please take the time to find out more About Us as well as our wide variety of Products and Services that will help make your organization one of the leaders in Diversity and inclusion throughout the 21st Century and beyond.

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About DD+D

DD+D: a theatre-based design consulting firm,  DD+D leverages theatre techniques and acting methodology to help designers empathize with users and produce better results for their clients, as well as to communicate and collaborate around design solutions. Theatre is a fun, informative, and effective way to work out ideas, visualize concepts, and communicate solutions. It allows teams to empathize, by stepping into the shoes of users. It can reveal how people interact with services, products, and each other on a physical, emotional and intuitive level.

How can we help:   DD+D offers theatre-based workshops customized for each stage of the design process and tuned to the specific needs of designers, design teams and their clients.

1. Self : Supporting the exploration of the designer’s beliefs - Design empathy ;

2. Others : Helping to engage with and communicate design research - Personas ;

3. Discover : Supporting testing and evaluating of new ideas - Bodystorming / Design Improv ;

4. Develop : Supporting testing of existing concepts and services - Performance testing and Making products considerate ;

(For more info please download the brochure here.)

Again, for more info please visit the DD+D blog – www.projectbodystorming.blogspot.com And contact Byron at (773) 271 – 6054 or Byron@dramaticdiversity.com.