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Data Replay

"Holding up the Mirror means enabling the organization to see itself or an aspect of itself. Living systems will self-correct if they can see themselves. When you see yourself, you can often see what to do next, things that hadn't even occurred to you."

"Listeners are more engaged than when they see slides, because before them are real people speaking from the head and the heart about their experience and issues, not just the issues themselves."

Barbara Waugh - 'Soul in the Computer'

Dramatic Diversity's "Data Replay" is an original and engaging way to present didactic information to managers or other key stakeholders in an organization. Our assessment team will administer tests, one-on-one interviews and focus groups to collect data around diversity, inclusive behaviors, minority recruitment/retention and employee/customer satisfaction or use your company's existing data. Our professional playwrights will turn the data into an original, provocative script to kick-off a diversity initiative and generate action oriented discussion around the findings.