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Diversity Initiative

Environmental Assessment

An environmental Assessment is the first step in the Diversity Initiative Process. It may also be used as it's own entity for organizations who are not prepared to make the leap into the Diversity Initiative but would like to get a clear understanding of the current pulse and climate of their institution.

Announcement Letter

  • Dramatic Diversity assists with preparation of an organization-wide announcement to inform the everyone of the Environmental Assessment and to identify a few key objectives of the interviews.
  • Dramatic Diversity conducts a Pre- Assessment Survey to identify:
    1. Perceptions of where individuals are with Diversity
    2. Company-wide stages of Diversity Awareness
    3. Where organization needs to go on their Diversity Journey to satisfy employees, customers, and the bottom line

Identify Interview Base
  • Dramatic Diversity collaborates to identify a diverse and representative base to participate in 1-on-1 Interviews and Focus Groups. The interviewees will represent diversity through geographical, tenure, position, gender, racial, age and other elements.

Conduct Interviews & Focus Groups
  • Dramatic Diversity will schedule Interviews and Focus Groups according to the organizational needs. The interview team represents an unbiased 3rd party resource and will closely mirror the diversity of the interview base to maximize the efficacy of the data received.

Data Analysis
  • Dramatic Diversity's Assessment Team analyzes the data compiled from the Interviews and Focus Groups to identify issues and trends that may be prevalent within the organization.

  • Dramatic Diversity delivers a comprehensive report detailing findings and identifying recommended next steps for the Diversity Initiative. The Assessment data is used in design of future Diversity training programs.