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ITA - The Institute for Therapy through the Arts, founded in 1975, uses certified behavioral specialists who work with both community groups and individuals through their use of music, dance, art, and drama therapy to clients at all levels of functioning. ITA and Dramatic Diversity work together to design Diversity Initiatives, to implement measurement tools, provide professional facilitators/Diversity trainers and create new interactive exercises relevant to current trends and populations. For more information on ITA visit www.musicinst.com

Chicago Dramatists is a professional theater, founded in 1979, dedicated to the development and advancement of playwrights and new plays. The primary goal is to discover, develop and promote the new plays and playwrights that will contribute to the established theatre repertoire, and enrich the lives of future theatre audiences. Dramatic Diversity works with Chicago Dramatists' diverse staff of resident playwrights to develop material for our training programs. This allows us access to a wide range of voices to create scenes and exercises that can reflect any workplace environment. For more information on Chicago Dramatists visit www.chicagodramatists.org

Theatrical Alliances
Dramatic Diversity has alliances and relationships with several wonderful theatre companies in Chicago. Click on the links below and check out their latest productions and offerings!