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Theatre is an immediate, attention grabbing, non-discriminatory and entertaining medium to address social and behavioral change. The more we engage with the art form the more we appreciate and value collaboration, mutual respect, communication skills and collective discipline. Dramatic Diversity performs scenes which are used as a launch pad for discussions of particular topics. These scenes are ideal for brown bag lunches, retreats, conferences, or launching a diversity initiative.

The following is the current list of our "off the shelf scenes" and the topics they cover. Each scene runs approximately 15-20 minutes and may be followed up with interactive discussion where the actors remain in character. The actors remain in character and provide a safe environment for participants to ask difficult questions. (If you don't see the topic you are looking for – Contact us and our writers will design your own customized scene.)

Culture, Race and Gender
Deconstructing Stereotypes in the Workplace Dream Job
Understanding/Defining Hispanic Culture The Hispanic Inquisition
The African American Perspective From Streetwise - Wall Street
The White Male Perspective White or Wrong
Woman at Work The Gender Line
Asian American Perspective Friend's a-Hmong Us
Supplier Diversity Roll-a-dex? or Roll-the-dice!
Dental Schools: Culture/Communication/Care Dental Diversity
Sexual Orientation
Coming Out at Work; Homophobia What was Said?
LGBT Community of Color Kevins Room (Video)
Communication Skills
Direct Communication Straight Talk
Management Styles With 2 Hands Tied
Recruitment and Retention
Physical Appearance If the Shoe Fits
Recruitment & Retention A Question of Style
Mergers Merger Mania